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Reading This week



So this week I am still working on reading Matched. To be honest , It is not going that well. Every time  I sit down to read it , I think of something I rather read. I am going to try to get through it and the next two, that way I can finish the trilogy .  I am also still working on Tilt. I really have loved everything Ellen Hopkins as written, so I am not sure why I am not further along in this. Hopefully I can finish it soon.

     Finally, I was approved a request on Netgalley, basically a site for reviewers to request e-book version of books that are soon to be published and where publishers and writers can get some buzz out there out their books. The book I have been approved for is Dying is My Business . So far I am 50 or so pages into it and I really like it so far. Really hope I can finish it so I can do a review soon.



Reading Something I disliked



After reading the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collins I was really into reading other dystopian novels. So I was at the library after that to see what else was out there. A series called Matched by Ally Condie caught my eye. From the summary, I was hooked. I took the book home and read it. Sadly it didn't entertain me like the Hunger Games did. I sort of liked it but there is a lot I disliked about.

    Years later I find myself trying to read and finish the Match series. I am trying to remember what I didn't like about it. I am enjoying it so far. I do wish there were more details or explanations about some of the surroundings or things in the books. So I am actually going to try to finish this series and see if rereading it will change what I think about it .

On The Subject of Series

  I have to say that I have a love/hate relationship with series.There are some series that I love-the Harry Potter series, then there are some series that I hate. I really hate now how every book, especially in the YA genre, is a series now . Sometimes it makes since. The author want  to spread his or her  story out, build an interesting and complicated world, and invent characters that you can grow to love . Then there are some series where it just seems like the author is forced to write more because their publisher wants to sell more books. These are the series books I hate. I also hate  the fact that I can hardly buy a book now without seeing an ad for the sequel in the back. It drives me up the wall. Don't get me wrong, some series really work for me and I want there to be more. Sometimes, though,  there are just to many books in a given series  or too much time between the first one and the others that  I forget about the next one till I hear people talk about it. Finally, it's a lot of time, energy and money invested in starting and finishing a series. Most of the time, sadly, I read the first one and never read the others. Not because I don't want to , but books are way too much now and mostly I forget when they are going to come out. So I beg some of the writers out there, write all the series you want , but could you please, please write some standalone novels as well? Is that too much to ask?

Dear Booklikes



I regret having to write such a message to you, but I feel that you need to hear this. I have spent the last five to ten minutes unfollowing people I did not follow in the first place. In the future, do not automatically follow random people . How do you know which people I would like to follow ? Umm You don't !! Let me pick the people I want to follow. That is the point. I am not going to read random people's blogs and stuff just because you think I might like them. Let me decide who I follow !! Thank you .



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