On The Subject of Series

  I have to say that I have a love/hate relationship with series.There are some series that I love-the Harry Potter series, then there are some series that I hate. I really hate now how every book, especially in the YA genre, is a series now . Sometimes it makes since. The author want  to spread his or her  story out, build an interesting and complicated world, and invent characters that you can grow to love . Then there are some series where it just seems like the author is forced to write more because their publisher wants to sell more books. These are the series books I hate. I also hate  the fact that I can hardly buy a book now without seeing an ad for the sequel in the back. It drives me up the wall. Don't get me wrong, some series really work for me and I want there to be more. Sometimes, though,  there are just to many books in a given series  or too much time between the first one and the others that  I forget about the next one till I hear people talk about it. Finally, it's a lot of time, energy and money invested in starting and finishing a series. Most of the time, sadly, I read the first one and never read the others. Not because I don't want to , but books are way too much now and mostly I forget when they are going to come out. So I beg some of the writers out there, write all the series you want , but could you please, please write some standalone novels as well? Is that too much to ask?