Reading This week



So this week I am still working on reading Matched. To be honest , It is not going that well. Every time  I sit down to read it , I think of something I rather read. I am going to try to get through it and the next two, that way I can finish the trilogy .  I am also still working on Tilt. I really have loved everything Ellen Hopkins as written, so I am not sure why I am not further along in this. Hopefully I can finish it soon.

     Finally, I was approved a request on Netgalley, basically a site for reviewers to request e-book version of books that are soon to be published and where publishers and writers can get some buzz out there out their books. The book I have been approved for is Dying is My Business . So far I am 50 or so pages into it and I really like it so far. Really hope I can finish it so I can do a review soon.